COVID-19 Emergency

As you are aware, all activities at EIC has been temporarily suspended including five times Salah, Jumuah and Ramadhan Taraweeh until further notice due to crowd restriction rule. 

We encourage all to perform Taraweeh Salah at home this Ramadhan. 

May Allah protect us all and bless us with an accepted Ramadhan.

Please click here for Ramadhan Calendar. 

                     5 Daily Salah |  Salatul Jumuah   Taraweeh  |  Eid Salahs

Weekend Classes for Children 
Recitation of the Quran with basic rules of Tajweed are taught to school children from 11:00 AM to 1:15 PM, Saturday & Sunday along with basic Islamic education. Currently. We have 2 instructors and over 20 children enrolled in this program.

Relief Work & Social Services
EIC community has raised funds for flood victims both locally and abroad, and also for Rohingya crisis victims. Click here for photos.  

Various Programs 
Programs conducted throughout the year. The purpose is to educate our community and especially our youth about our rich Islamic history, heritage & values. Virtues of the current Islamic month and relevant historical events are also discussed.

We provide Shara’ee counseling with regards to issues concerning family, parenting, marriage, etc.

Nikah / Marriage
Nikah conducted by registered NYC Marriage Officiant.

Current Services at Elmhurst Islamic Center