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About Imam

Mufti Faisal Wahb was born and raised in New York. After completing the memorization of the Holy Qur’an in New York, he commenced his higher Islamic education in a well-known seminary in Johannesburg , South Africa, Islamic University of Azaadville. He completed a rigorous six year Alim course at Darul Uloom Azadville. He has studied under great scholars, receiving several formal authorizations (Ijaza) in the sacred sciences. He earned authorizations in Hadith under Shaykh Fadhlur Rahman A’zami and authorizations on the Seven Qira’aat (forms of recitation of the Qur’aan) from Shaykhul Qurra’ Ismail Essack. Upon graduation he furthered his studies of Islamic jurisprudence in the Iftaa Program for two years under Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara.

Mufti Faisal Wahb is currently Imam / Khateeb at Elmhurst Islamic Center.